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Mase Taylor
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Reged: 04/29/04
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Re: Missing Episode - CSI [Re: Jerry Kurata [KLVK]]
      #141871 - 01/27/07 06:40 AM


Any thoughts on where prices will be in a year for a 1080i set? I have held off buy since my 40 inch CRT based unit is working fine and I don't want to buy in a rapidly failing market. But the picture on the new sets is so nice.

Also, is the interlacing a concern. I remember that computer monitors used to have interlace settings, but they had a lot of issues with repainting with fast action.. Now most monitors are non-interlacing. Will the same thing happen to HD sets?

The only thing anyone can say for sure is that prices of current technology will go down and top-line sets will get better. All other things being equal, non- interlaced is better (720p, 1080p) but frankly, I can't tell the difference. My set's native resolution is 720p and it upscales to 1080i. Both look pretty darn good. Another thing - you can only receive what is being broadcast. Here, it appears ABC's HD programming is 720 while NBC uses 1080. Someone with better eyes than mine might get different mileage. Until recently, it was common for HD sets to have a max of 720p, with a few providing 1080i and no 1080p available, but now, true 1080p sets are becoming more common. However, there is little 1080p content available, either off-the-air, cable, or satellite. Best content right now is 1080i. Of course, if you want to go whole-hog for only $1000 more you could get a new Blu-Ray machine (1080p) but then again, few pre-recorded discs available yet.....

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Ed Williams [PHOG]
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Missing Episode - CSI [Re: John O'Shaughnessy [FCM]]
      #141878 - 01/27/07 09:07 AM

Thanks for the pointer to the forum. There seems to be an endless stream
of potential fees here, not just to Tivo but to the cable company.
I don't think I'm going to leap in just because of the Jan 31 deadline
fior the lifetime transfer.


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sreyoB yrraL
AVSIG Member

Reged: 05/16/04
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Re: Missing Episode - CSI [Re: Jim Bell]
      #141885 - 01/27/07 11:21 AM


I'll need to go in-store and look at 'em.

Not necessarily as helpful as it might sound.

I've never see a retail display that was properly calibrated. If the display is not properly calibrated you are not seeing the best picture that the set is capable of producing. Just because one set looks better than another in the store means very little in determining which set is capable of the best picture.

A set's default settings are usually set to achieve a "punchy" picture that will stand out in a showroom. That is not an accurate, nor desirable, picture but it's what you often see in the showroom. Contrast and sharpness are typically set way too high and a preponderance of red is intentionally present--this is called "red push".

Sets based on CRTs or plasma technology will need a burn in period before the picture stabilized and can be calibrated so a set that was put on the floor a couple of days ago with have a harsh picture as compared to one that's been running for a few weeks or months.

Another problem is that very few stores feed a good signal to the sets. Signal levels are poor from too much splitting, wide screen sets are often locked into the wrong stretch mode for the type of content being delivered and HD sets are often being fed SD signals.

Most of the salespeople are clueless about most of the issues that I've raised. You're more likely to get bad information than good on any topics other than delivery and price.

What this all comes down to is that you need another source for information on the capabilities of each set and what it will need in the way of calibration to maximize your selected set's potential. The best place that I've found for gathering this information is http://www.hometheaterspot.com/ It's a web forum that covers all areas of home theater. There is a section for each manufacturer which is the best source for information on the individual sets that you are considering. There you will find experts on each technology and each brand.

Regarding formats... There is no broadcast standard for 1080p and their likely won't be. 720p/1080i really is all that is needed for any size display that will be in a person's home. The reason that you won't likely see a 1080p broadcast standard is bandwidth. 1080i is higher bandwidth than 720p and 1080p would require significantly more. Since there would be little, if any, noticeable improvement in the quality at 1080p there is no reason to use the extra bandwidth.

Many sets have only one native HD resolution, any other resolutions will be scaled to that one native resolution. This would include any fixed-pixel display such as plasma, LCD, and DLP.

My set is CRT based so it has two native resolutions, 480p for SD content and 1080i for HD content. I see absolutely no difference between 720p and 1080i HD content. There are no visible motion artifacts, even from fast-action sporting events, due to the interlacing. I can pause HD content with my Series 3 TiVo so any interlacing artifacts would be clearly visible.

I'm not all that excited about either HD DVD format. If your display is properly calibrated a good quality DVD (many of them are not that great) at 480p is good enough that most people can't tell that it's not HD. In fact, a good quality DVD now looks as good as HD did on my set prior to my set's calibration. What is important is having a DVD player that uses one of the top de-interlacing chipsets. Luckily, such players do not have to be expensive players. Check out the DVD section at http://www.hometheaterspot.com/

A CRT-based set is still the technology that can produce the best picture for the best price. The newer technologies have closed the gap but they haven't caught up yet. CRTs do require the most calibration, since they are analog devices, but a properly calibrated CRT-based set will produce an amazing picture.

BTW, ABC and ESPN are 720p, NBC and CBS are 1080i. Most of the others are 1080i but I don't recall the exact breakdowns.

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Mase Taylor
Top Gun

Reged: 04/29/04
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Re: Missing Episode - CSI [Re: sreyoB yrraL]
      #141899 - 01/27/07 02:43 PM

That looks like an excellent web site. Thanks!

Fly The Airplane As Far Into The Crash As Possible. - Bob Hoover 1922-2016 R.I.P.

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Jim Bell
AVSIG Member

Reged: 05/05/04
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Re: Missing Episode - CSI [Re: sreyoB yrraL]
      #141987 - 01/28/07 08:40 PM


Thanks for the detailed reply. Lots to think about, and no, I'm not rushing out to buy sumptin' for the game next Sunday ;-) Appreciate the website link, good stuff.

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