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Joe Budge's Saratoga Panel

My Saratoga's front office. She's well-appointed with 1988's state-of-the-art hot water gauges. I've supplemented those with a pair of heads-down displays (480/MX20 combo). Rounding out the package, a JPI engine analyzer and Stormscope keep me entertained. Don't feel sorry for the copilot. The right panel plays music and DVDs.


Sean Franklin's 2000 Saratoga II TC, N41847

I made up this annotated panel photo when I had the Saratoga on the market. The 430/530 were standard items on a 2000 'Toga, but both have since been upgraded for WAAS. Traffic, StormScope, and MX-20 were added by a previous owner, along with an AirCell that no longer works (network was decommissioned in 2005). I put in the JPI, and added ChartView to the MX-20.

What Stephanie B. looks at whilst high over hill and dale.

Instrument Panel of Bill Butler's 1967 Piper Arrow, N3730T: Dated but capable, lots of after-market digital gauges, two IFR GPS, HSI and backup Dynon "Pocket Panel.


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