Paul Millner [OAK]
(Top Gun)
07/10/17 07:09 PM
SoCal Airspace Grab

If youíll be flying through southern California August 7 through 26, youíll want to take a look at the huge upcoming airspace restriction near Twenty Nine Palms, CA. After deferring this exercise while the FAA studied AOPAís objections, the FAA has published a final rule which establishes three temporary restricted areas in support of a large scale exercise August 7-26. This is out of the norm... itís going to be difficult to find this information. It wonít show up as a TFR, because technically itís not one, but instead a restricted area. Be careful!!

Paul Millner

SoCal Giant Temporary Restricted Areas

Ralph Jones
(Top Gun)
07/10/17 08:11 PM
Re: SoCal Airspace Grab

Jade Helm II <g>?

Kcid LlirreM
(Top Gun)
07/14/17 10:01 AM
Re: SoCal Airspace Grab

Maybe its a Trinity re-enactment in honor of the anniversary.:)

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