Bill Bridges - 9S1
(Top Gun)
11/19/17 01:26 PM
A Private B787

Currently the only privately owned B787 .


Russell Holton
(AVSIG Member)
11/19/17 01:49 PM
Re: A Private B787

Nice plane. But what do these private folks do about CAT?

Ralph Jones
(Top Gun)
11/19/17 01:55 PM
Re: A Private B787

They pay it to go away.

Reams Goodloe
(Top Gun)
11/19/17 08:44 PM
Re: A Private B787

I guess it should be no surprise that this one went to a Chinese company, HNA Group, rather than to a Mideast customer. It was advertised as transportation for HNA's Chairman and "ultra high end charters"...

Out of Hainan, China...

Maybe I should add that very recently they have fallen out of favor in some circles, with a few suspecting they might be close to bankruptcy and were big enough to cause a bit of a panic in some circles...

They own a chunk of Hilton Worldwide, and the CIT Group aircraft leasing business...

- Reams -

Richard Duxbury (Dux)
(Top Gun)
11/20/17 06:47 PM
Re: A Private B787

Hmmm, wonder how many hours a month it will fly? Also how to keep flight crew currency. Yep, in some of the bad air I've flown through (USN-Northwest) if you were not strapped in from a sofa -you could get serious injuries.

I think there are still some other BIG private wide body aircraft. MONEY, from oil or whatever. Boeing and Airbus will be happy to sell the aircraft and, I guess, they will find experienced pilots.

Northwest -in the past, spend a lot of internal money to find safe flying routes over mountains and elsewhere. I think that's all gone now with Delta -hope I'm wrong.


Dux -yep still in cloudy, rainy, some sleet, Tucson.

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