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(Hangar Rat w/Buttons)
06/19/04 07:49 AM
Executable Programs

Upload a url (or file, if no url source) to this AVSIG library. Please include file description in the body of your e-mail.

Bob Dubner's TapUBB stunt allows TapCIS users to access AVSIG's new UBB forum platform via their favorite classic OLR. (External)

PK Zip
Zip, UnZip, all day long ... (External)

Logbook Software
Logbook Pro flight log software (External)

Know Your Aircraft
v4.0 for Windows 95/98. A program for studying aircraft systems and related items such as Emergency Procedures, Limitations, FARs, etc. for your next checkride. May be used with multiple aircraft since data files are created/edited by the user.

Raptor Jet Fighter Shoot 'em Up. Old-fashioned DOS action game from the days when men were men and video, audio, and mudder-board cards never played nice.

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