Joe Budge (W29)
(Top Gun)
10/15/06 11:54 AM
Pireps on GoDaddy?

My hosting service is randomly bouncing emails destined for me and the frequency seems to be increasing. Don't think it's a spam trap gone amok - the senders get "recipient unkown". So I'm thinking of switching.

Anyone out there using GoDaddy? How is ease of use? Tech support? How is it to switch *out* of GoDaddy if you change your mind (I don't want to get stuck in another "evil empire")?


Ed Williams [PHOG]
(Top Gun)
10/15/06 12:23 PM
Pireps on GoDaddy?

My domain is hosted at GoDaddy - but my hosting and email is elsewhere.
Godaddy just forwards mail and web for me.
It's worked from day one and I have had no reason to require tech


Sean Franklin
(Top Gun)
10/15/06 01:26 PM
Re: Pireps on GoDaddy?

I'm at and have been very happy... that said, I've heard lots of good about GoDaddy and their prices are excellent. I'm not going to switch a stable system, but if I were doing a site from scratch today I'd give GoDaddy a try.

Bruce Gorrell [EQY]
(Top Gun)
10/15/06 03:30 PM
Re: Pireps on GoDaddy?

1and1 is cheaper for more features.

Ron Rosenfeld (EPM)
(Public Guest)
10/15/06 04:37 PM
Pireps on GoDaddy?


I've used GoDaddy for a few years now.

The few times I've required tech support, it has been responsive. I believe
all of it is by telephone; and I have no experience with hosting a major web

There are some types of email servers they will not accept email from at all.

"Due to the large number of virus-infected personal computers on
cable/dsl/dialup connections, we no longer accept mail directly from these
sources. Senders in cable/dsl/dialup pools should configure their mail
software to send outgoing mail through their ISP's dedicated outgoing mail

And their SPAM filter is not as effective as others.

One other email related issue has to do with their email-forwarding. When I
tried to register a PGP key, the PGP keyserver confirmation email could not
get through via email forwarding. I was told this has to do with some
security protocols that require an email address that is not being forwarded.

Other than those two instances, I've had zero problems with tech support,
email, or the very limited web site that I have there.

Steve Stombaugh (IND)
(Public Guest)
10/15/06 04:47 PM
Re: Pireps on GoDaddy?


I've been using GoDaddy for domain registration for a number of years, but that's it.

For hosting/e-mail, I used for a couple of years, with good results.


Joe Budge (W29)
(Top Gun)
10/16/06 04:57 AM
Re: Pireps on GoDaddy?

Many thanks, all!


Stan Prevost
(Public Guest)
10/16/06 01:40 PM
Re: Pireps on GoDaddy?

I also use GoDaddy for domain hosting. All I use them for is private domain hosting and DNS services. My web hosting and email is at Host Excellence.

No problems at all from GoDaddy. Never used/needed any support. I get a lot of marketing email from them, though I suppose I could probably opt out. Price is good.

When I was looking into this stuff, I found a lot of recommendations (and horror stories) to keep domain hosting and web hosting separate. I forget the reasons, but it seemed to be a reasonable precaution at the time.


Jerry Kurata [KLVK]
(Top Gun)
10/16/06 03:17 PM
Re: Pireps on GoDaddy?

I have never used them for hosting, but they register a few sites for us. That has worked OK. The prices are good, but we have gotten the same deal with Network solutions lately so, we are back to them.

My advice is to not use the same company for domain registration and web site hosting. It is too easy to get the company to tie one to the other when you want to leave.


Mick Ruthven
(AVSIG Member)
10/16/06 06:48 PM
Re: Pireps on GoDaddy?

I have several domains registered at godaddy and also several email accounts. I have their Premium email plan which allows up to 100 email accounts and 2G of storage for $29.95/year. Email has been very reliable and easily configurable, with responsive phone support the few times I've needed it. For domains, their user interface is quite good and allows different types of "pointing" domain names to sites hosted elsewhere. I've read negative reports about their web hosting and don't use them for that.

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