Bill Bridges - 9S1
(Top Gun)
10/21/09 01:03 PM
Unable to See Messages

I can see where Gil and John made a post to the "Vietnam" thread, but I can not see their posts. I also made a post last night to "Vietnam" and it is not showing up today.


Mike OverlyAdministrator
(Hangar Rat w/Buttons)
10/21/09 02:05 PM
Re: Unable to See Messages

Bill & all: We have some PHP issues -- working on getting those sorted out. We may turn off the lights for a few hours this weekend and get under the cowl.

Russell Holton
(AVSIG Member)
10/21/09 09:33 PM
Re: Unable to See Messages

The problem is that there's a discrepancy between the number of post UBB thinks is in that thread (looking at the index) and the number that are actually in that thread. UBB thinks the whole thing can be shown on a single 10-post page. It can't.

You can see them if you change your preferences to show more posts per page.

Now, how the database gets out of whack, I'm not sure.

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