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11/13/07 11:50 AM
AVSIG Membership

Training is the foundation of good flight planning and safe airmanship. Experience counts for more. Over the years, many have come to believe that sharing it all on AVSIG counts for more yet.

AVSIG is for those who are always interested in learning more than just what they've learned so far. As educational as it might be to experience an engine-out situation first-hand, many pilots prefer to learn from others. Same with water ditching, altitude busts, and FAA ramp checks. We invite you to add your name to our membership roll and to share and learn with some of the world's most accomplished aviators and professionals.

IMPORTANT: If you're registering a User ID for the first time on AVSIG, please consider using your ISP e-mail address (you may hide the address from public view via your profile control panel). Due to non-stop robot spam registration attempts, AVSIG holds all new user registrations for review, and those which appear to have throw-away "Hotmail"-class addresses are often rejected unless we can otherwise confirm that real people are associated with them. An e-mail saying you're real will also work: we'll take your word for it.

After you select a membership term, all AVSIG forum sections and permissions will be activated for your member record (please allow up to 24 hours, since your account features are added manually). "AVSIG Member" will replace "Public Guest" in your forum title and you will receive access to AVSIG member sections in addition to the areas seen by non-member guests.

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