Richard Duxbury (Dux)
(Top Gun)
10/15/10 04:14 PM
Re: ATP Pilot with 25K hours seeks job

I think there are many jobs open -except you must live in the middle east or China for most of the time. Have a few ex NWA pilots doing that. Lousy life style, lot's of tax free money, and usually new equipment.

Not many Captain jobs in the USA or even parts of Europe. Pilots are flying beyond age 60, which has caught some of the US airlines by surprise.

Hmm, let's see. You are working for about 35% less pay than perhaps 8-10 years ago. Your retirement benefits have been reduced. You don't get medicare until age 65. You are senior on the equipment for schedules and vacation. Calling in sick from time to time (after all, you are over age 60).

AA expected about 75 senior B-777 pilots to retire in 2010. I think it's less than 20 so far -and some of them could not continue their FAA physical stuff.

Thus my comment about pilot jobs being open has that foreign note.

Oh yes, current in the equipment so little needed in training expense, as others have noted.

Don't know if the various unofficial copilot's unions still offer almost free hang gliding lessons, harley rentals, deep scuba training, and such for senior Captains? Or half price on all the double big macs you can eat at a sitting.



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