Tom Tyson [SUW]
(Glider Guider)
10/13/10 12:13 PM
RV-12 Wings in a Week Class

Wish me luck ...

- TT


Have you wanted to build an RV-12 but were not sure if you had the skills to get started correctly? We can help. Bring or have Van's ship your wing kit to our modern, fully equipped shop in Greensboro, NC and in just one week we'll teach you the skills you'll need to build your '-12. We'll do things at your pace, and when we're done, take your wings with you, or we'll arrange to crate and ship them to you. If a pardner wants to join in, that's fine too. Contact Tom Tyson (A&P) at Rhino Aircraft for more details and to schedule your class. (336) 668-1140

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