Mike OverlyAdministrator
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05/06/09 11:40 AM
Get One In Cool White: The AV ... SIGG Bottle.

You've just got to get one of these trendy things. Everyone, and I mean Everyone will be toting a metal water bottle around this summer because of all that hysteria over Swine Flu or BPA or credit default swaps -- I forget which.

Most will be schmucks with generic bottles made who-knows-where that turn tap water the flavor of the Guangdong Bay.

Some will be urban dandies dangling monogrammed LL Bean bottles from the carbiner loops of their matching LL Bean backpacks.

But some will, quite simply, be just plain cool ... exclusive, even ... rockin' an AVSIG SIGG bottle.

Our bottles are Swiss, so you're going to want to overpay (our mark-up on each AVSIG SIGG bottle is five bucks, to benefit the finest aviation forum on your little glowing screen right now).

Each AVSIG SIGG bottle is made from a single piece of extruded aluminum and lined with a water-based, non-toxic epoxy resin that is scientifically designed to keep water from tasting any funnier than it tasted when you poured it into the bottle.

Unlike many fine Swiss products, the AVSIG SIGG bottle does not require costly regular cleaning and adjustment. A little baking soda and water every once in awhile will do. These bottles fit in most bicycle water bottle cages, automotive, agricultural, and aeronautical cup holders, and thanks to the wide cap loop they can even be clipped to your belt, Texas water-slinger-style.

These bottles carry a lifetime warranty from SIGG.

Hydrate your summer in style here!

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