Bob Dubner
(Super Imperial Member)
12/21/17 01:36 AM
Strobing Runway Lights

Russell, Scott has the right of it.

LEDs are being used instead of incandescents because they are cheaper.

But they *are* being sold as *replacements* for incandescents. There is a
built in assumption that a replacement should function the same way as the
thing being replaced.

If they don't function the same way, then they aren't replacements.

In other words, if they are sold as replacements, the functional spec is that
they have a similar radiation profile to the bulbs being replaced.

It's not enough that they are cheaper. They have to work the same way.
<shrug> The need for radiation in the IR spectrum could easily have been
anticipated. I feel sure there are phosphors that re-radiate in that band.
It could have been done. It should have been done.

I suspect that when an accident results from the changed performance of
something marketed as an improved replacement bulb, the plaintiffs in the
resulting lawsuit will prevail.

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