Scott Dyer [HPN/NY]
(Top Gun)
12/20/17 09:17 PM
Re: Strobing Runway Lights


Scott, along this line is programming product "undocumented features". Many
times customers would find some neat way to accomplish a task using something
not listed as a feature in the programming product. Then we would come out
with an update, featuring new functions and correcting bugs. Sometimes this
would kill some of the "undocumented features" some customers were using.

Out first reaction might be, Tough bananas! But they were paying customers,
so, with very few exceptions, we soon (!) came out with an update that
allowed those features to again be performed (and documented them).

Ward -- Indeed, and I'm surprised that nearly 10 years after the problem was identified that those paying customers haven't been sufficient impetus to work a fix.

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