Richard Duxbury (Dux)
(Top Gun)
11/21/17 11:59 AM
Re: ATP requirements may be reduced

Thanks Scott -yes that is a good example. The loss of pilot pensions came from some chapter 11 stuff -varied by airline. The UAL pilots spent a big portion of their pension funds in a stupid employee buyout attempt. Thus in chapter 11, the judge agreed that their pension was bust.

Delta pilots seeing a possible chapte 11 coming, -many taking early retirement and using the lump sum option that was offered. The fund got drained and, yes, chapter 11 judge agreed with the company that the pension must be terminated.(now badly underfunded.)

Northwest pilot group also had a well funded pension fund. Limited lump sum options and when in chapter 11, the judge allowed the pensions to continue (since it was indeed well funded by industry standards). The pensions of working pilots was frozrn at existing rates.

You are correct in your analysis of commercial pilots in the 60's and 70's. White male -many with military experience. Not the case so much today -various age groups (yes some retired military and 44 years old), many more women, -but still hard to find black qualified pilots I think.


Dux from Tucson -but holiday season in Minnesota, DCA, and Charlottesville, VA.

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