Richard Duxbury (Dux)
(Top Gun)
11/14/17 10:30 PM
Re: ATP requirements may be reduced

This was a big discussion item during the ALPA Air Safety Forum this summer in DCA. At that time, National ALPA wanted to keep the much higher (than ICAO/etc.) standards. Some of the panel also presented some potential future problems for the USA airlines if we did not come closser to ICAO recommendations.

Others noted that it was not just a safety concern -and could be modified for a reasonable approach to new pilot hiring.

Even now, the USA standards are MUCH higher than the rest of the international aviation commercial pilot hiring and flying.

OK, did United and other airlines hire 300 hour pilots in 1965 era? Even paid for some of their training?

Like Randy, I could soon know if a pilot was a "good" pilot, whether military or otherwise. Not all (but MOST) were very good pilots.


Dux -OK, I did not tell the truth about the cold sleet and weather in Tucson. Thinking back to the Northwest crew parking lot in 1996- where after a 11 day trip you could not find your snow covered car with a dead battery.

Nope, sunny and perhaps a record warm day today in Tucson.

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