nehoC hctiM
(Top Gun)
11/11/17 11:05 AM
Re: ATP requirements may be reduced



, endorsed the recommendation."

Chuckle, quidado! Spent a l-o-n-g time training airline pilots, seen it BOTH ways! One I particularly remember had an "equvilent" high school graduation certificate, one of the absolute best pilots that I've ever encountered. Another one had a veritable plethora of degrees aft of his name and we ended up firing him! OTOH, one other impressed us enough to later take him into the flight training dept. as a instructor. So - it works both ways - you can only accrue EXPERIENCE in one way (and it's not from a book).

best, randy

Total time, and or degrees does not necessarily mean a quality candidate.

When asked how to improve online pilots, sim testing of visual approaches and true crosswind landing and takeoff techniques would tell me about 99% of what I need to know about flying skill.

Rod machado says, a Monkey can fly an ILS Approach.

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