Jeff Hartmann CIC
(Top Gun)
08/30/17 01:32 AM
Re: Have you ever known "This Guy?"

I may have told this before.
( Now, this ain't no sh*t )
Proper Intro.

a guy I knew with a Tri Pacer on the field where I instructed (Sussex, NJ) said he was going to Boston that evening. I had a girlfriend there and asked to go along. I climb in and off we go. I doze off. I wake up to see solid undercast for as far as I can see, and he says we are almost there. I asked how we were going to get down, and he just noses us over to go into the clouds...before we got into them I eased us back up, and asked how he knew where we were. He didn't.. I found a couple of moldy sectionals, and ( this was a while back) called Flight Service for a DF steer. Then got a clearance to descend through the layer. Plenty of ceiling, but he was just going to push it over and hope for the best. Not arrogant, just a little ignorant.

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