Kcid LlirreM
(Top Gun)
10/23/16 11:10 AM
Re: Another Practical Test



It's been quite a learning curve, and as Andy Alson promised me about the students, "they're all different!" I'm a lot more comfortable giving dual now that I was just 3 months ago but there's still lots to learn.

How many different people have you flown with since you started instructing? Being in an equity based club like ours, I rarely fly with more than 10 different people in a given year. 2/3rds of those are people I've flown with in the past, and the other third are new club members.

It is nice not to have a new face every week, and wondering, "what will -this- one try to do to kill me today?"



Like the loaded gun question, is it loaded?

thay are all trying to kill you!

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