Roger Ferrer
(Public Guest)
07/27/09 12:15 AM
Re: Student Pilot - Landing Problems

Hi friends,

Reporting back....
The simulator helped me a lot and I spent bunch of time looking into Google maps zooming in /out for the next trips I flew with my instructor...well, at least I wasn't as lost as I was when we arrived to RDG. Ray, I think you mentioned you took your student over there too. My problem is that I confused one of my checkpoints and I wasn’t navigating properly with the VOR.

Andy, you right on the money...if you don't get killed by your mistake you will learn the lesson and remember FOREVER.

I spent a lot of time this weekend at controlled airports (LNS, MTN, ILG)...scary stuff. I have a strong cuban accent so 80% of the time the controllers don't copy me the first time and I have to repeat myself. Some other times I found out that I am missing the "lingo" such as do a 180, 360, transitioning to such and such.... these terms were new to me.

To make things even more complicated we picked...or I picked Wilmington (ILG) to stay in the pattern and practice communication with ATC. There was a lot of activity and also "NEW ATC PERSONNEL". At some point they had directed us to land on rwy 1 and when my instructor reported midfield on 1 the cleared us for "19".
My instructor picked that very quickly and made them aware that we were flying 1 mile passed the numbers downwind on 1. Then they cleared us for the proper rwy.

The 2nd incident was with Ground after grabbing a cup of coffee. I called in, mentioned that I was a student pilot as I always do, said that we were at "Airways" and wanted to depart flying west, we had info "Mike" at the time I think, and requested progressive taxing (just to get the experience because my CFI has been there 2 million times). Ground directed us to turn right on Foxtrot and I couldn't see the "F" anywhere...My instructor took it from there and we found out that the person was all confused. I went will never get this!...

To me the worse part is when 2 or 3 aircrafts approach to the same rwy I am planning to use at the same time... I get nervous because I don't know where they are or where they are coming from I guess because I am nervous and I am not paying attention to what they are saying... Anyway, my mind says: beep! beep! Possible Collision! beep, beep! Possible Collision! get the point. It's a little frustrating because I want to know how to handle at least Class Delta airports. I wonder what your thoughts on that are since I know you have plenty of good suggestions! :-)

The other things we did this weekend were:
- Hood work for .6 and that is intensive work but I think it helped me out to get better with the rudders
- The CFI explained how to do “intercepts” using the 2nd VOR. I had trouble understanding why the needle was pointing to the left and we were going to the right. Finally, I understood that everything has to do with where you are and where are you going.

I ended the day doing some TOL's on soft field solo so I keep everything fresh in my mind. This time I did not forget about the carb heat! lol

Hope everybody had a nice weekend.
I'll catch with you all later! :-)

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