Ray Tackett
(Top Gun)
07/17/09 08:39 PM
Re: Student Pilot - Landing Problems

As an instructor, I'd introduce the new tasks by being an "organic autopilot"
on the outbound leg of a student's first x-c. I would hold whatever settings
the student said (IAS or power, altitude, and heading) as precisely as
possible, freeing the student for the new stuff and to test his/her planning

Best fun was the time winds aloft were WAY off forecast. The student didn't
spot the drift early on, then misidentified RDG as LNS. He got suspicious
when he didn't see Three Mile Island or the Susqehanna River over the nose
shortly thereafter. The actual scenery was nothing but woods, hills, and
little creeks. He learned a lot, including VOR triangulation and hasty TLAR
plan revision that day.

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