Roger Ferrer
(Public Guest)
07/17/09 01:41 AM
Re: Student Pilot - Landing Problems

Hi All,

Thanks for the complements but I wouldn't have done it without your help and my instructor's help.

Anne, I think you are right, I believe that the fun starts now that I'll be able to go to many different places around the area. I have to get a lot better with the VOR instrumentation. I flew with my instructor on a cross-country and everything was weird. I missed some of the landmarks and checkpoints and I had to use my instructor's help to be able to write down the time and fuel usage on the few checkpoints I didn't miss. I’ll tell you what….I was overwhelmed trying to fly the Skyhawk while looking at the flight plan at the same time and doing the writing......

So far I have about 168 TOLs in the logbook. My first solo landings were on the grass strip but on Monday I came back and flew few patterns with my instructor for TOLs on the hard surface rwy and then he got out and let me do it on my own about 4 or 5 times. Again, it was after work close to sunset and there wasn't any wind.

I want to train in crosswinds ASAP to see if I improved anything with the rudder and the aileron maneuvers on final. Last time I tried to practice with my instructor on some crosswinds I was all over the rwy. ;-)

I also started looking at some aircrafts and I wonder if you have any suggestion for buying. I ran into terms such as TBO (time between overhaul), SMOH (Since Main Overhaul), TTAF (something to do with time on the airframe)...

I am not in the position of paying cash for a plane so I am planning to get financing for at least 20 years putting something down.

Here is what I am looking for:

I need something that give me a good mileage ( I am sorry for the car terminlogy but I don't know better);-)
Probably I'll be flying from time to time (when mother nature allows) from Maryland to Florida or whay not? to meet you guys in person to have lunch or something one day! ;-)

For sure I want to visit my buddy Mike Campos who is a sell-out b/c he gave up the east-coast for the beautiful California. ha,ha, ha!:-)

I was looking at some Cessnas and Cirrus. The Cirrus I looked at had a stick. I wonder if you guys can give me a ball park figure on how much time I would need to learn to handle the stick. It looks easy but hey, before I started learning I though that flying a plane was a matter of hours ... ;-)

My next milestone is IFR so maybe I should wait until I get the IFR rating to purchase something.

Oh, I forgot……Last Saturday, I convinced my instructor to endorse me for the FAA written test. He was against it because he asked me some questions about the weather METAR, winds aloft, codes, etc and I didn’t answer right….Anyway, I kept on reviewing the weather material and convinced the guy to sign me on. I know I studied a lot but I didn’t expect to get 97 on the test. I was kind of lucky I guess! ;-) I am going to start playing the lottery more often from now on. ;-)

Tomorrow is a big day for me again:
I asked my CFI to get me better with the VOR navigation so I am reviewing Section B chapter on the Jeppesen Flight Discovery Private Pilot Book right now.

ok guys...I'll check back with you soon.
Have a nice Flying and the most important, Be Safe! :-)

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