Ray Tackett
(Top Gun)
06/05/09 05:42 AM
Re: Student Pilot - Landing Problems


Flying down the runway in the flare gives you more time to look at the sight
picture and more time for precise, cross-controlled flight.

A normal crosswind landing can be just a "dump it on the ground" event which
is over very quickly. It is possible to get away with poor technique and
perhaps not even realize it.

If you fly at 40-50 knots (the usual 172 touchdown speed) down, say, a 6000
foot runway, you must hold the airplane on the center line pointed straight
ahead with crossed controls for about a minute.

In short, you get far more landing practice for each lap around the pattern.
Post-touchdown in a tricycle gear (nosewheel) airplane is generally a
non-event. Good landings start with a good approach and finish with fine
control in the flare. Better to practice fine control in the flare for a
minute or so each time around than for the usual second or two.

Bottom line: It's educational "bang for the buck" where the bucks flow


P.S. I'm big on showing beginners the sight picture of a maneuver done
right. Then the student's objective is to "replay the video", i.e. make it
look the same themselves. The sight picture close to the runway is important
to learn.

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