Ray Tackett
(Top Gun)
06/04/09 05:50 AM
Re: Student Pilot - Landing Problems


Different language? Das kann ich auch tun. <g> That was IFR stuff, which
you won't see until after you get the private.

Glad to hear about your landings. Here's an exercise I use for crosswind
landings. It challenges your instructor, too.

Have your instructor get into the cross-controlled flare and add just a touch
of power so the plane doesn't quite land. Cruise down the runway at one foot
AGL, holding the nose straight and keeping it over the center line. Near the
far end of the runway, go around.

Then you do it with the instructor on the throttle so you can concentrate on
the rest of the job.

"Graduation" demonstration is you have the throttle, too, AND (on a long
runway) you move left, center, and right on your instructor's calls, keeping
the nose straight and maintaining flare height the whole time.

Repeat in the strongest crosswind with which the instructor is comfortable.


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