Ray Tackett
(Top Gun)
05/24/09 09:06 PM
Re: Student Pilot - Landing Problems

If you file 6000, you should be able to get JFK V16 DIXIE, or maybe farther
south by Martin State. If you get DIXIE, the rest will be something like RBV
ARD MXE V<forgot the number> ROBRT ,,, If you get the LHY tour, and wx is
VMC, go VFR above NYC, and drop in to any of the Philly area airports to
refuel and file IFR.

I've also air-filed due to being stuck on top passing EKN and no breaks
reported the rest of the way to LEX, I39. I39 is where I'm going when I go
that way.

The other trip from MXE toward ROBRT for me is students' long IFR x-c to HEF.

BTW, direct Ellington to HGR will put you kinda close to the Camp David
prohibited area. Be sure you check NOTAMS for its size du jour; it varies.
There are also two small restricted areas not far north. My advice: transit
the area IFR and let ATC do all the worrying for you. Last time I was VFR
through there (pre 9/11), was when I found out about the IAD arrival stream.

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