Tina Gonsalves (7B6)
(Top Gun)
05/23/09 08:12 PM
Re: Student Pilot - Landing Problems

I've decided.


He seems quite happy there though. Go figure.

I suppose if I can't forgive I can accept.

He's in trouble if I ever get out that way though.....


I came wicked close to flying to TN this weekend. (Thanks yrraL!) My other best friends moved there last Fall. yrraL & I cooked up the greatest scheme for me to fly down there and surprise them. BUT, as often is the way, it didn't work out. Probably for the best because their weather still stinks down there. (No offense.) Wx here in CT was picture perfect today. We went sailing out on the sound. Or we tried to. Little gusty breezy out there, more than my youngest cares to handle. More than my husband cared to handle, actually.

Anyways, next time I will make the trip. Two reasons. #1, I miss my friends. #2, I'm scared of the trip. So, being scared means I have to do it.

I've flown long trips before, but not 'solo.' Always had another pilot on board. I did the flying but having the security blanket of another pilot pilot beside me always took the edge off.

For this journey I purchased all the charts, VFR & low altitude enroute and started plotting the course. More I did it, the more I became nervous. Yes, I know, it's no different than plotting a course locally but, and this is a big but, it's a little more intimidating when you are outside your normal operating zone. No, I don't know why either. Shouldn't be.

Especially with a wonderful GPS on board.

Won't rely on that though. Old school says, plot the course, account for the winds and use the GPS as a tool. Silly but it makes me feel good.

I remember one flight where I was taking off from Cape May, NJ. IFR no less. I'd plugged the course into the 430 and also plotted the course using the "steam gauges." Climbing out, following my pink line, the line goes <poof> and disappears. No fooling. Not for long, mind you... but it did go away momentarily. I would have freaked if I hadn't had the Sea Isle VOR dialed into the second radio.

And freaking is a bad thing for me to do. Just ask my kids. I freaked when the eldest son came home at 12:47 a.m. after promising he'd be home at midnight.

Kids. Don't have 'em.

GPS's. Don't rely on 'em.

Soapbox away. Wine glass re-filled.

Best Regards,


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