Tom Tyson [SUW]
(Glider Guider)
05/23/09 09:16 AM
Re: Student Pilot - Landing Problems

Hi Roger - Welcome to the 'drome!

One thing I haven't seen mentioned here are the instruments.

New students tend to focus on the altimeter as it seems to give absolute information. But forget "absolute" altitude numbers.

What you're seeking here is a "TLAR" approach and landing. TLAR stands for "That Looks About Right". You want to develop the picture of what looks right >OUTSIDE< of the cockpit. I'm sure your instructor has already broached the subject, but as you fly the final leg of the approach, look out through the windscreen and find the point on the ground that, relative to the windscreen seems to stay put, neither appearing to rise up the windscreen or fall. That's the point where (if you don't flare) you're going to touch down. The first few times, it might even help to have the instructor fly the approach and let you simply concentrate on the outside picture. Once you learn to judge your relative touchdown point, a lot of other things will simply fall into place.

Cross-check your airspeed, but don't worry about being 5' high or 12'low. That information is pretty meaningless in the total scope of things, and your developing sight picture will tell you a lot more about how the landing is going.

Once again, Welcome !

- TT

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