Roger Ferrer
(Public Guest)
05/23/09 07:31 AM
Re: Student Pilot - Landing Problems

Good morning guys,

Hey, I got so much of good feedback here that I don't know where to start but let's start with a big THANK YOU ALL!.

Yesterday was a better day for me. Practiced some slow flights with the instructor and then we practiced some TOLís on one of the grass rwys that we have at 0W3.

I am sure the grass makes a difference but guess whatÖ.my 3 landings were really smooth!!! Yupi!! ;-)
The first time the instructor corrected my pitch turning to base and to final. I realized that all this time I had the tendency to leave the nose of the plain pointing a little upward among other mistakes.

You probably wonít believe it but I had time enough to put together in my mind couple of suggestions I got from you guys such as get closer to the ground, level off slowly, look at the end of the runway and let the plain sink while pulling the yoke to my chest slowly and hold it. It was a great feeling. Today I am trying on the other rwys with another instructor since the one I flew with yesterday is going to Ocean City (beach resort).

On another note, Floridaís weather is beautiful but the economy there went down the hill like in many other parts of the country and I convinced my brother to move with me and pursue some new opportunities in the area. Anyway, he will have his discovery flight with me today. :-)
I hope I donít scare the heck out of him.

Hey Tina, Mike mentioned to me how well you have been doing with your flying experience and I am very happy for you.

Dan, I am glad you mentioned that you started flying when you were about my age and you are right, we have the tendency to over analyze. For example, I even did some research about Daniel Bernoulli while trying to learn the basics:

Itís amazing and sad what happened between Daniel and his dad who was also a brilliant mathematician.

Anyway, I kind of had the feeling that I was too old to get into this adventure but that's history now. Flying is a unique experience.

I saw Terry yesterday, the pilot who ran out of fuel and I didnít want to interrogate him about the incident since he is probably tired of giving people the full story but he is in good spirit and physically well. He was busy writing some kind of report for NTSB with the help of one of the instructors. He'll be just fine.

Mike you were 100% right, we have a good team here.

Have a nice Memorial weekend everybody and Iíll catch with you all later!

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