Roger Ferrer
(Public Guest)
05/22/09 09:27 AM
Re: Student Pilot - Landing Problems

Hi guys,
I am back and I owe you the amount of hrs doing TOL's logged by the instructor.
I am looking at the logbook right now and among other maneuvers this is what I see:

TOL, slow flight 1.4
TOL's windy 1.9
TOL's rwy 28 1.7
TOL's .7
TOL's 35-28 1.5
slow flight-rectangular pattern - TOL's 2.8
T/L 1.1

Total: 9.8 hrs

I can't say that I improved a lot yesterday but following your suggestions I definitely feel more confident and I am finally looking at the end of the rwy.

This time I experienced the following problems in different attempts:
- Leveled the plain looking at the end of the rwy but I was too high from the ground and I messed it up making altitude corrections.
- Still having timing problems finding the proper and exact moment to flare and I get feedback from my instructor to "point the nose down", "level the plain", "pull back now".... When I follow his advice it gets better but to be honest, I still having issues.

Anyway, yesterday was a beautiful day and I enjoyed very much flying from our home base 0W3 to Martin's airport where we performed the TOL's. Like Anne said, there is something magical about having the air and the view all around us.

I read somewhere that a very financially successful person expressed that being rich was ok. However, for this person the fun part was the journey where she met many interesting people and overcoming all the challenges of her industry.

My point is that I am enjoying the training as much as I am going to enjoy it the day when everything clicks in terms of landing. I also enjoy and learn reading all your postings where you share your experience with a rookie like me. LOL

I never thought I would find so much help here. As a matter of fact, my friend Mike Campos (he is here somewhere) was the one who encouraged me to post my problems and concerns here and I am glad I did that.

Anyway, I am going back for more this evening! Canít wait! This flying thing is addictive!


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