Roger Ferrer
(Public Guest)
05/21/09 09:41 AM
Re: Student Pilot - Landing Problems

Thank you guys for all the feedback. Now I have somthing to work with. I am sorry about the Rf signature, I get kind of lazy these days. :-)
I have about 15 hrs of dual instruction, I am 48 yo and had no clue about aviation before starting this training.

In my opinion, you guys all right on the money. Although my primary instructor is very good, for some reason I wasn't understanding his commands very well and I got kind of frustrated while the instructor was confident that with time, everything would come together.

About a week ago I started flying with a second instructor who is very young but I learned few tricks about flying around the pattern, maintaining pitch and altitude on slow flights, etc from this young instructor.

Flying with two different instructors has helped me a lot and I think that it has also accelerated my learning experience. At the beginning I was worried that it would offend my primary instructor but so far that hasn't happened.

I got the idea from the book "Your Pilot's License" from Jerry A. Eichengerger. Where he explains the importance of picking the right instructors, the different reasons to be an instructor the CFIs have, etc.

You guys are helping a lot because the most frustrating thing to me has been not knowing what is it I am doing wrong.

Bill, I think Scott is right, there is not limitation to be allowed for the solo. Everyting is at your instructor's discretion and I am not sure but I think there is a written test and a physical exam (Class 3 medical exam) you have to pass before the solo (Maryland State).



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