Gil Buettner [KAUW]
(Top Gun)
05/20/09 08:29 PM
Re: Student Pilot - Landing Problems

One thing that might help is to look all the way down to the far end of the runway, instead of the patch of pavement where you expect to touch down. If you have the correct landing attitude that will help you keep the airplane aligned with the runway. The tricky part is to continually add back pressure in the flare without adding so much that you balloon and start to climb. If that happens, release some of the back pressure but be ready to add it right back in once the airplane starts to settle.

The real key is to have the final approach speed nailed. Too fast and you will struggle forever getting it right.

You will get it. Everyone has some problems with the flare in a 172 at first, but practice helps a ton. And good for you for flying that often.

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