Richard Duxbury (Dux)
(Top Gun)
02/26/17 10:47 PM
Re: Nice Day in PANC

Ah, ANC,

Good layover place when I was flying the B-757. Long 26 hours, enough time to rent a bike and look over the area. One time, when I was a senior 1st Officer on the B-747, I was rescheduled on a 747F with the Seatle NWA pilot coordinators (MSP based). They left me in ANC for 5 days and I always called, -finally the MSP crew schedule group found out that I was a temp SEA pilot, and I deadheaded back to MSP. Circa 1985?

Never many stops with the B-747 as Captain. Mostly flew over and if we had to land, it was headwinds and needing some fuel for Narita.



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