John O'Shaughnessy [FCM]
(Top Gun)
07/14/14 04:33 PM


My wife and I had Pre-Check passes the last two time we flew. We didn't request them. What's up with that?

Part of a TSA selection process, most likely.

I signed up (and paid for) Global Entry (which gets you into TSA Pre-check too) a little over a year ago. Every time I pass through security, it feels like 1997 again! Easily the best $100 I've spent in a long time. The $100 clears you for 5 years.

At the rate I've been going, I'm already down to a tiny $2.50 per flight for my fee. For the many minutes and amount of frustration I've avoided, well, well worth it! Every additional flight for the next 4 years reduces that per cost fee even more.

Not that I want to volunteer to pay more, but I'd gladly pay $10 a flight. I just can't stand the normal TSA process of removing shoes and belt, and pulling laptop out of my bag, all while feeling the burning eyes of those behind you. Now I zip through with the fastest crowd. I've only had one trip in the last year where I was on a non-participating airline, and could not use Pre-check.


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