Jim Bell
(AVSIG Member)
03/10/13 03:47 PM
Re: NVIDIA Inspector, wow...

Thanks Bill! I have some of the same, be interested to see ORBX. I see you're an Aerosoft fan too, though some of what they brand was sometimes inconsistent. FSDreamteam too, ORD and IIRC, JFK (?) I know I had FSUIPC way back, will have to look through the backups. Hmmm, have Genesis too, only problem with the assortment is that some of 'em don't play well together (or it's my layering). Or, only have one good feature, like night lighting or somesuch. This go round I'm going to be more selective, plus, having read the current tips link that you posted, the sim will be on W7P 64, with many of the tweaks in the .cfg. Funny, reading the tips, it's been a while since I've been into the sim, remembered seeing, and trying many of those tweaks.


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