Phil Hecksel
(AVSIG Member)
03/25/15 10:08 PM
Re: Mooney



gear handle, or Johnson Bar, locks forward into the bottom of the instrument panel for the down position.

The tricky part was the very end of the extension. The end of the bar seated into a recess in the panel, then a sliding collar on the end of the bar had to be slid up to latch it in place. Your arm would be extended straight forward, and your fist had to apply a substantial vertical force at right angles to the arm -- not something your joints are designed for.


There was one and only one trick to the manual gear... ok maybe two

The gear was grabbed "backwards" with your hand under the gear and thumb aimed to the tail. With that, it was one smooth motion.

2nd lesser trick was you did not stop in the process, if you stopped the momentum, you were done.

Phil... with a few thousand swings of the Mooney johnson bar :)

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