Scott Dyer [HPN/NY]
(Top Gun)
08/15/10 08:52 PM
Question about Mooneys

Gil - From Pete McWilliams (lotta 231 time), who was out of touch at the lake
in Idaho, but had the following thoughts:

"Not sure what he's transitioning from, but one of the biggest things is
starting to slow down for the pattern MUCH MUCH further out than in a Piper
or Cessna. And in a very busy pattern I tend not to drop the gear until I
know I'm really in my landing phase. Often you'll do it mid field and then
end up cranking in a bunch of power (read: spool up the turbo) just to fly
extended down wind.

"You might also mention the Mooney Aircraft Pilot's Association (MAPA) and
the separate MAPA Safety Foundation. The Safety Foundation puts on Pilot
Proficiency Programs (PPPs) that would really give him some valuable info on
the plane. And he'd be paired with an instructor that knows the 231s for the
flight portion."

Pete may stop by later.

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