Sean Franklin
(Top Gun)
08/10/10 03:33 PM
Re: Question about Mooneys


I also have no experience in Mooneys and no experience with GA turbos.

My Mooney experience is nothing to brag about, but with regard to turbos... TIT is critical, keep a close eye on it and keep it below 1,600 (1,550 if you're not confident in the gauge). This will likely mean running quite a bit richer than book numbers for a given power setting.

Also after landing "cool down" the turbo by idling for at least 3 minutes. Braly & co and Mike Busch both say this is an old wive's tale and is not necessary, and I believe them. However if it "ain't my airplane" I would do the cooldown and let the owner decide for himself how to run it long-term.

There's a lot more to it than that and the owner will want to delve deeper to learn how he can manage his engine in the safest & most cost-effective manner over the long term. But for a ferry flight home, if you keep the engine rich enough to keep the TIT cool, you'll make it home just fine and won't hurt the engine in the process.

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