treploW nellA
(AVSIG Member)
08/09/10 09:02 PM
Re: Question about Mooneys

You need to get your hands on a 231 POH and spend some time with it.

Review the airspeed limitations. I think you will find that Vfe, Vle, Vlo, are relatively low for it's cruising speed. That means you need to get it slowed down before you enter the pattern or you are going to have trouble getting down to flap and gear speeds.

I forget if you have to manually control turbo overboost with the 231 engine. Review what you expect your TO, climb, cruise, and descent power settings to be.

This guy has a lot of good info on his web page -

Review the emergency gear extension procedures and learn where the mechanical gear down indicator is between the seats to confirm the gear down lights.

Land on long runways your first few times, be on speed, and don't force it on as Andy noted.

Are you confident that the plane is mechanically sound? Did the buyer get a good pre-purchase inspection? I suggest you review the results of the pre-purchase inspection.

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