Gerry Coon
(Public Guest)
07/09/07 12:20 AM
Re: Garmin 430 WAAS Upgrade for M20J

Another update on the WAAS GNS430 installation - yesterday I did some long distance flying from the SEA to PDX area to GTF and back to SEA. On the way over we were seeing some pretty good groundspeeds at 11.5K - wanting to brag to my ex-Air Force son in law about the Waas GPS I said lets look at the winds. Well guess what? On the current software release there is no Wind Direction, Speed or Headwind/Tailwind component. I was fiddling with this from
the Dalles to alomost Spokane - reading the manual trying to see if there was a menu setup issue or was I doing something wrong (6 years experience with old GNS430). Well I got to Montana to drop off son-in-law and called avionics shop, of course main guy wasnt there but I left a voice mail.

Back in Seattle I had a message: current Garmin WAAS softare release doesnt support winds aloft calculation but will be fixed in future release - he mentioned Vertical speeds also but they seemed to be working fine for me. Be nice if their was a web site or place that acutally detailed what works and what doesnt - OH well I'll see them at OSH and give a bit of customer feedback. Other wise the box really navigates nice!

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