Scott Dyer [HPN/NY]
(Top Gun)
06/23/07 08:36 AM
Re: Garmin 430 WAAS Upgrade for M20J

Ed -- I see that Garmin has come up with a date in September, by which
owners who put their units on the list for upgrade prior to its release must
schedule their upgrades in order to get the $1500 price. Not the most
customer friendly, as the current 530W software is deficient in several
respects and, as you say, any future software revision (supposed to be due in
the fall) must be installed by a dealer. I have been putting off getting
the upgrade, until Garmin got its software issues put to bed and made the
software fully functional, and so I can avoid a 2nd, certain, trip to the
shop, even for a "while you wait" installation. But I've now got to get on
the schedule for upgrade...January 2008 would suit me fine.

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