Tom Charlton
(Top Gun)
09/24/15 12:18 PM
Re: Upgrade your Caravan to 900hp


The red one is stock, the white one has the mod.


Hi mase,
Back in 2003 I convinced my fellow managers to buy a Caravan for our company. The only downside was the capital outlay. It was amazingly well suited to our operations be it high altitude or low’n slow. Far easier and, IMO, much safer to operate than the Cessna-320 it replaced. Above all, the dispatch reliability was phenomenal. The direct operating cost was excellent. When I first looked at the Caravan during due diligence my first impression was it was more airplane than we needed. In actuality we utilized its full load carrying ability often. And yes, it flies about like you’d think an enlarged C-172 would fly. It’s almost as most fun to fly as a J3-Cub<g>.

I retired end of 2012. Company changed their business model somewhat and, sadly, sold the Caravan last year (2014) to Texas Turbine Conversions. They replaced the timed out engine with a more HP PT-6. It now belongs to some leasing company. Remember it still has two large 20” sensor ports in the belly and when you track it on Flight Aware you’ll see some very interesting flight patterns where it was based up in NH. Very curious. I’ve no clue exactly what they’re doing.

Tom Charlton (who, fine airplanes notwithstanding, is glad to be retired<g>)

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