Dave Siciliano (ADS)
(Top Gun)
12/12/14 08:58 AM
Re: Citation II info

We had sandwiches at the Jet Room in Madison. I've always enjoyed that for an airport restaurant, but limited hours.

Long ways to go before I'll be headed anywhere without and instructor :). Return trip Sunday. Air work in prep for check ride next week. Family in town this week.
We'll see how it handles next week; this was an up and down trip. ILS into Madison was fun and really slick. Ceilings were around 1,000 with good vis underneath; excellent practice conditions without a real challenge. Made a decent landing there and the instructor made a positive comment about it after telling me how hard this thing is to land smoothly. Of course, I was coached.

At Meacham I kinna rolled it on. Instructor said that may be the best landing I ever make in this plane :)

Course, those are the highlights. Still fumbling around to find things, learning limitations, emergency procedures and figuring out what all the annunciators mean. Long way to go.

But, up high, this thing is really smooth and quiet. Family loved the trip. Limo ride stuff.



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