Tom Charlton
(Top Gun)
02/22/17 12:26 AM
Hey Randy

Hi Randy,
Was proceed ’n along east bound this afternoon in my newly acquired J-3 Cub and dropped in to Jennings, LA for fuel.

Came across a Cajun guy (I can barely understand what he’s say’n) name of “Aubrey Vidrine” Runs an FBO here, has a NA T-6 and says he’s an old P-51 flyer. Says he hasn’t seen you in a long time (almost said “in a coon’s age” but thought better of it) for me to tell ya hi and was ask’n how’s Randy doin?

Any how, is a real friendly guy, as many Cajuns are, and loaned me a car to get to the hotel for the night.

Tom Charlton

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