Tom Charlton
(Top Gun)
02/20/17 01:59 AM
Re: Looking for a J-3 Cub to purchase


Wow Tom. Congrats and sounds like a great trip. Big system moving into Dallas tonight.

Hi Dave,
Thanks, and ya, storm just passed through Kerrville tonight. Apparently a very nasty portion over San Antonio just to the SE of here.


Al Benzing and I went out and did three practice approaches in IMC with ceilings about 600 feet at Tyler and a bit higher when we returned to Addison. Instrument departure out of here, DP and STAR to return. Quite a workout.

You're doing much more enjoyable flying I'm sure!

Dave, over the years, aviation has provided so many fascinating and disparate challenges for me, IMC being one of many. Iím so grateful to have been able to indulge so many of them: Seaplanes, Sailplanes, Aerobatics, Multi engine, Sling-Wings, Charter operations, Dope Ėn- fabric work, Flight instruction, ultra-lights, mowing airport grass, Beech 18s, Cessna 208s, Stearman biplane and about fifty other kinds of airplanes, even the occasional Piper Cub. The list of fun is far longer than that, itís just that itís all been so good. But mainly itís the people, what amazing people one comes to know in our special fraternity.


Welcome back to flying!

Thank you.

Tom Charlton

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