Tom Charlton
(Top Gun)
02/20/17 01:25 AM
Re: Looking for a J-3 Cub to purchase


Great news Tom. The deal went through,

Hi Patty,
Thanks for the point-out on this one.
I was look'n all over the USA for the right one to buy.
Other than distance from home it met all of my criteria:
* C-85-12 (Can be equipped with a starter if desired)
* Recent rebuild on engine.
* New fabric covering.
* Extra10 gal fuel tank in the wing.
* All new control cables.
* sealed struts.
* Upgraded disk brakes.

It's been running really good and is very easy to start.


and you got a ride in Mike's Sedan.

Tell ya what: that Luscombe Sedan is a real Cadillac of an aero plane.


Did Mike show you the EAA Chapter at Brown?

I saw the Chapter building. Mike introduced me to a bunch of interesting folks at both Brown and Gillespie Fields. Ha, at Brown, I was impressed with that hanger full of antique cars and other stuff.


Looking forward to more updates of the trip. Happy and safe travels!

Southern CA, AZ, NM and western TX incredibly beautiful from the Cub!
Weathered in in Kerrville, TX at the moment. Strong gusty winds low ceilings and rotten visibilities most of the day. Almost headed out mid-afternoon but discretion prevailed.

Tom C.
Tom Charlton

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