Tom Charlton
(Top Gun)
02/19/17 12:55 AM
Re: Looking for a J-3 Cub to purchase


Hooray! Mitch just relayed the news to me Tom. If I knew you were coming I would have gone out to SEE to say hi. Maybe even baked you a cake! Glad to hear you enjoyed that airport. Maybe I'll get to see it at OSH or Sun N Fun one day,

Hi Patty,

Sorry to keep everyone in suspense. Itís been a bit of a whirl-wind of dashing to San Diego, Pre purchase inspection, getting my act together etc.

02/08/17, Wed : Flew to San Diego
02/09/17, Thu: Spent day doing J-3 Cub pre-buy inspection
02/10/17, Fri: Did a 1hr afternoon flight with owner.
02/11/17, Sat: Did compression check and agreed on price.
02/12/17, Sun: Nice ride to Brown Field and tour around San Diego in a pristine Luscombe Sedan, Drove to Aircraft Spruce in Corona to buy handheld com radio and "ifly" GPS. Bought lithium battery for extended avionics power.
02/13/17, Mon: Transfer purchase funds. Tinker with Cub, figure how to stash stuff for the trip home.
02/14/17, Tue: Install in Cub: Lash-up com radio, GPS, battery & cabling, Cabin heat cable. Service brakes. (cabin heat has very effectively kept my left foot toasty<g>)
02/15/17, Wed: Fly from Gillespie Field to overnight in Yuma, AZ.
02/16/17, Thu: Fly from Yuma, AZ ~ Marana, AZ ~ overnight in Las Cruces, NM.
02/17/17, Fri: Put the Cub in the barn due to rising winds and forecast storm system.
02/18/17, Sat: Fly from Las Cruces ~ Ft Stockton ~ overnight in Kerrville, TX
02/19/17, Sun: Anticipating deteriorating weather forecast.

* Generally following I-8 then joined I-10. With building confidence in the power plant been taking more short-cuts across the boonies. (And man-o-man there some boonies in the south west)
* C-85 starts easy and runs very strong and smooth. Been cruising mostly 5,500 ~ 7,500 MSL
* 2,400 RPM / 79 mph indicated.
* Been getting light to good tailwinds. 85 sometimes 95 ground speeds.
* Done one 3.4 hr leg and a couple of 3.2hr legs. (22 gal / 5 gph)
* The view out the windows of a J-3 Cub of the American South West is spectacular!

Tom Charlton (in the midst of a challenging adventure)

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