Tom Charlton
(Top Gun)
01/24/17 04:44 PM
Re: Looking for a J-3 Cub to purchase


Don't forget the scarred, one-eyed airport cat, usually named "Prop".

Hi Ray,
And the airport dog “Aileron”<g>

Ha, back in the 1970/80s worked / flew out of an office at KBOW. We had this dirty, dingy, white indoor/outdoor mascot cat name of “Parallax” (we were in the business of making maps using stereo imagery) She liked to lurk in the bushes by the sidewalk at the FBO next door to us. She’d do a hit –n- run on any stranger walking by. Grab them on the back of the leg calf and run like the dickens.

Like most any cat she’d jump in any vehicle door left ajar. As I recall: one day she got an airplane ride most of the way to Daytona. They turned around and brought her back. Meow.

Tom Charlton

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