Tom Charlton
(Top Gun)
01/19/17 10:17 AM
Re: Looking for a J-3 Cub to purchase


1946 Aeronca Champ 7AC airplane.

Hi Mase,
Thanks . . . but . . . well there are Champ guys n there are Cub guys. Maybe if they’d painted the champ yellow with a black lightning stripe? Man, that’d piss off both camps<grin>.

I guess it’s guys like me that keep driving the price up on Cubs. Likely pay a $10,000 premium for Cub vs Champ.

Let’s see:
* The Champ cost less.
* Easier to get in & out of.
* Roomier, more comfortable cabin.
* Solo from front seat.

Dunno, must be the Cubs’ exposed engine cylinders, Dutch doors and yellow paint<g>

Tom Charlton

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