Tom Charlton
(Top Gun)
01/13/17 12:50 PM
Re: Looking for a J-3 Cub to purchase


Remember, back in our day the lineman would prop for you...;-)

Hi Ralph J.

Ha, having been a lineman, back in time, done did that<G>.

Seems Iíve heard that some larger airport FBOís get very squirrely when they see you hand propping. Although having been around awhile . . . I kindía get that.

One thing Iíve discovered is that, on a number of J-3s, if the Continental has a -12 accessory case thereís an STC to equip with one of the new light weight starters and batteries. No generator so itís not considered to have an electrical system with attendant ADS-B requirement.

Tom Charlton

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