Tom Charlton
(Top Gun)
12/27/16 04:01 PM
Looking for a J-3 Cub to purchase

Hi all,
Wife Melody says go for it! So . . . Iím officially looking for a J-3 to purchase. Havenít flown since several years before retirement in 2012. Long time ago flew lots of tailwheels including several Cubs. Now my only flying desire is to revert back to some quality time in a J-3.
Looking to see if anything jumps out at me in any of the usual places like T-A-P or Barnstormers. At this point I just want to fly and not get involved in rebuilding an airplane so my Preferences are:
* Relatively recent fabric.
* Good airframe.
* Low time on C-85 or 90.
* Legal paperwork.
* Doesnít need to be an award winner, just yellow with a black lighting stripe<grin>.
* Oh . . . and hopefully located not too far from my home in central Florida.

Tom Charlton

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