Willem van Rijk (LFBG)
(AVSIG Member)
02/25/16 01:06 PM
Re: New and old Piper owner and flyers


Since no one has posted here for a year and a half,
I haven't been on this forum for a long time. Flying from Cognac Military Base in France I am busy with matters closer to me. My real question is... where are all the Piper owners and flyers then talking to each other? I had a one year sub on Pipers Forum but didn't find that much of interest.
There must be questions etc specially for the older Pipers, I fly 505 IFR a 1978 Turbo Arrow 4 with a G430 and an Aspen in it. Of course I do need help from other owner once a while but I have cooped so far with European Forums. Years ago this forum was the safe heaven for small US mnfg airplanes, what happened??

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